Is there a minimum and how do you charge?

We charge by the hour but also have daily rates that allow you to not worry about your event ending by a specific time.  We have a minimum of 3 hours for any event ending before 7:00 p.m. and 4 hours for any event after 7:00 p.m.  We may be flexible with this in specific situations or on specific days.

Is alcohol provided or do we need to bring our own?

We do not have a liquor license and therefore cannot supply clients alcohol.  Anyone 21 and older may bring alcohol on the bus along with any ice, cups, or anything else you might need.

Are there coolers on the bus and can we bring our own?

There are 2 bars in each bus, they are built into the seating and each have a drop down cooler that holds ice and keeps your beverages cold.  If you choose to bring a cooler we only allow 1 large cooler or 2 smaller coolers in order to keep the isle way clear as a safety precaution.  We also do not allow any Styrofoam coolers because if they break the water could possibly damage all the electrical on the bus which is wired underneath our bench seating.  Please refer to the “Rules and Regulations Section” of your quote/contract for more specific info.


Can we smoke on the bus?

There is no smoking on the bus, we are classified as a transportation service, same as taxi’s, and the state of Ohio has banned smoking in these types of designated vehicles.  Please refer to the “Rules and Regulations Section” of your quote/contract for more specific info.


How do I play music on the bus?

All our buses are equipped with Bluetooth, CD, and auxiliary options.  You will need to provide your own CD’s or auxiliary cord if you wish to use these options.

Does the driver take us anywhere we want to go & does the driver stay with us?

Yes and yes, this is your event and you decide where you want to go.  We do not have predetermined routes but our drivers are able to make suggestions upon request.  Your driver will chauffeur you and your guest the entire rental, they will drop you off at the front entrance to your destinations and pick you up at the exit as well as part of our door service.  Mileage fee’s may apply for out of town trips.

Can I split up my rental time up?

This depends on the amount of time you are renting and what time frame you are allowing between each event.  This is considered 2 events and separate bookings if you wish to have two time blocks of service in the same day.  Because of this we require each event to meet our hourly minimum requirements of at least 3 hours each.  Anything over 6hrs can be split up into 2 trips but we cannot split it up if BOTH trips don’t meet the minimum requirement(ex. can’t split it 1hrs & 5hrs.)

Do you have regular limo’s or different sizes limo’s?

We only have party buses and all of them are 20 passenger capacity.  We cannot go over this since we are not insured for anything over 20 passengers per vehicle.

How do I get a hold of the driver on the day of my event?

If you need to reach us on the day of your event you will be able to reach us at the front office at 1-844-4VIP-BUS(484-7287).  Once your driver arrives at your pick-up location you can exchange numbers with them in order to communicate throughout your event for pick-ups, etc.  We Do Not give out our driver’s personal cell phone numbers for any reason.  This is for the driver’s safety and your safety, so other clients are not calling the driver while servicing your event.   The driver does however have your contact info provided to us by you on the contract’s “client contact info” section and they can call you if they have any issues finding you upon arrival to your event.

What is your payment requirements & cancellation policy?

Please refer to the first paragraph under the “Rules and Regulations Section” of your quote/contract sent to you for all payments information.